Miss Hattie's Kitchen in Bolingbroke, Georgia

Miss Hattie's
  Miss Hattie's Kitchen
7248 N. Alexander Ct.
Bolingbroke, Georgia
Phone: 478-994-1212
Wednesday - Saturday: 11:00 am - 8:00 pm
   except on Friday until 9 pm
Sunday: 11:00 am - 3:00 pm

Pulled pork with sides

Pulled pork comes with BBQ sauce on the side. Shown with
macaroni & cheese and roasted corn on the cob  (April 15, 2017)

Fried chicken tenders

Fried chicken tenders are a good choice. Shown with honey mustard sauce,
roasted broccoli with almonds, and corn casserole  (September 18, 2015)

Hazelnut crusted salmon filet

Hazelnut crusted salmon filet with squash casserole and fried okra  (May 01, 2015)

Example of Miss Hattie's menu

You are given a slip of paper with the day's menu and you then circle
your selections. The menu varies from day to day.  (September 18, 2015)

Chicken fried steak

Chicken fried steak (i.e. cubed steak) with white cream gravy, bread,
mashed potatoes & gravy, and pineapple casserole  (October 31, 2013)

Hamburger steak

Hamburger steak with onions & gravy. Deviled eggs and
macaroni & cheese also shown  (November 02, 2012)

Basket of biscuits

This basket of tasty biscuits came with a small
container of peach butter  (April 23, 2016)

Chicken sandwich

This Southern chicken supreme sandwich came with fried chicken breast, cheese, fried
green tomato, ranch dressing, and bacon along with home-style fries  (May 23, 2013)

Orange Creamsicle Cake

Orange Dreamsicle Cake  (September 18, 2015)

Sweet treats

Desserts displayed on top of the bakery case include Key Lime
 cake, cherry almond cake, and brownies  (October 04, 2014)

Miss Hattie's Kitchen opened in July 2011 in the building where the Red Tomato Restaurant was once located. The menu features chicken tenders, macaroni & cheese and green beans every day. The other entrees vary and may include brown sugar ham, salmon patties, roast beef, country fried steak, smothered pork chops, etc. A sandwich of the day is also available. The selection of vegetables varies daily and may include squash casserole, butterbeans, dressing with cranberry sauce, fresh sliced tomatoes, sweet potato casserole, okra and tomatoes, etc. Homemade desserts from Miss Hattie's bakery are also featured.

The sweet tea and soft drinks are served with flaky ice. A kids menu is available. There is outside seating for nice weather days.

Miss Hattie's Kitchen is in the fork between I-75 and I-475 and is easy to access from either one. Bolingbroke is a small town, so there is no city traffic to contend with.

Directions from I-475, exit 15: turn right at the bottom of the exit ramp and go south on U.S. Highway 41 for 0.5 miles (or 0.3 if coming from the south). Then turn right on Estes Rd. and go 0.1 miles and turn right on Alexander Ct.

Directions from I-75 (southbound traffic only): get on I-475 and follow the directions above. To remain southbound on I-75 after leaving Miss Hattie's, you must go south on U.S. Highway 41 and signs will lead you back to I-75.

Directions from I-75, exit 175 (northbound traffic only): turn left at the stop sign at the bottom of the exit ramp. Go 0.7 miles and turn right at the stop sign onto Rivoli Road. Go another 0.7 mile and turn left at the stop sign to cross over the railroad tracks. Turn right and go about 0.5 miles and then turn left onto Estes Rd. Go 0.1 miles and turn right on Alexander Ct.

This page last updated on April 17, 2017