Fresh Air Bar-B-Que in Jackson and Macon

Exterior of Fresh Air BBQ
  Fresh Air Bar-B-Que
1164 Highway 42 S
Jackson (Flovilla), Georgia
Phone: 770-775-3182
Open: seven days a week
Lunch and dinner

Macon location of Fresh Air BBQ

The Fresh Air in Macon is an easy stop for I-75 travelers 

BBQ plate

The BBQ pork plate comes with barbecue pork, Brunswick stew, sliced
pickle, white bread, cole slaw, and crackers   (December 27, 2013)

Ribs at Fresh Air BBQ 

Rib plate with stew, baked beans and cole slaw in Macon  (August 24, 2006)

Fresh Air in Jackson opened in 1929 and is one of the most acclaimed barbecue joints in Georgia. Many people prefer the Jackson location because of its old fashioned traditional atmosphere. The sauce is thin and vinegary. The menu is limited: chopped pork barbecue on white bread, Brunswick stew, cole slaw and chips. You can still eat inside or outside on tables over sawdust-covered ground.

The Macon location

Fresh Air in Macon is very convenient from I-75. This Fresh Air also has pork ribs, good baked beans and chicken on the menu. Order at the counter or from the drive-in window on the side. A menu special in Macon comes with two barbecue sandwiches with a bag of chips.

Macon directions from I-75: Riverside Drive runs beside I-75 (west side) between exits 167 and 169. For example, if you are headed southbound on I-75, get off at exit 169 and go south on Riverside Dr. After stopping at Fresh Air, continue south on Riverside Dr. and you can get back on the interstate at exit 167. Fresh Air is located in the Northgate Village Shopping Center.

Fresh Air Bar-B-Que web site

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