Dickey Farms in Musella, Georgia

Dickey Farms
  Dickey Farms
US Highway 341
Musella, Georgia
Phone: 478-836-4362
Open 7 days a weeky
Open only during peach season

Georgia peaches

Ripe Georgia peaches for sale   (June 02, 2012)

Peach ice cream

Dickey's peach ice cream   (June 02, 2012)

Peach varieties at Dickey Farms 

Varieties of peaches (June 02, 2012)

Dickey Farms has been packing and shipping peaches since in 1936. It is a popular destination in the summertime for both peaches and soft-serve ice cream. Dickey Farms sells a few baked goods such as peach bread, muffins, and fritters.

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